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Accounting & Tax Preparation

Dominion Accounting is a tax accounting firm that offers a wide-variety of services ranging from tax preparation, to financial consulting, to bookkeeping.  We can handle audits as simple as just a write-up for assistance to the client, to more extensive handling of the entire case to relieve the client from all the pressure and nervousness that usually accompanies most dealings with the IRS contacts. We are experienced and well-versed in dealing with the IRS directly in all tax matters pertaining to preparations.

Dominion Accounting was started by a Tax Professional, who has practiced for almost a decade on self-employed, corporate and partnership returns and bookkeeping. The practice is based out of the Tampa, FL area, but services are open to all US states.


Our commitment to making it simple and effective for clients to submit, retrieve and complete all information is matched by a growing technology to provide each client with not only tax, but business help. Our partnerships with other services that provide business and personal development services can be tapped as soon as you become a client. No waiting periods, no long explanations, no sales pitches. Just ask us, and we will provide any necessary referrals.

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